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We are thrilled you decided to join us. Our Project Team launched this platform to maintain connection with our community during COVID-19 and ensure you can continue to participate throughout this process.

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  2. How do I submit a question about the proposed Park Lawn GO station? 

    1. Visit our Q&A page and enter your question in the text box under the Q&A tab. The Transit EA team will be gathering and responding to questions until September 27, 2021.

  3. I missed the Q&A submission deadline. Can I still submit a question?

    1. Yes! The Transit EA team will be accepting questions and comments for the lifetime of the project at 

  4. I want to learn more about a specific area of the Master Plan,  technical study, or the details surrounding the Transit EA.

    1. You can review the specifics of our recent application, and may find the answers to some of your technical questions on our website. For information about the proposed Park Lawn GO, click here.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to submit them on our Q&A platform or send us an email at If your question is specific to the proposed GO Station, please contact